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Nourishing and Intuitive Facials

Men and woman

Our facial therapies are dedicated to the path of holistic and intuitive. We offer only the best of services, to create a state of inner and outer beauty. No matter what your skin condition or skin type, all facials will be customized and nourishing just for you.

Our ultimate goal is to guide you towards a lasting sense of well-being through holistic healing and nurturing treatments. Your experience will be deeply transformative for the mind, body and soul.

We use a holistic approach from high quality plant based, herbal, botanical skin care that encourages a healthy skin biome, acid mantle and lipid barrier. We bring the beauty of nature into our skin care rituals.

Our skin is the largest living, breathing organ and what we put on it, more importantly what we feed it matters.

Goddess Glow





Immerse yourself in the diverse wellness practices of wholistic rejuvenation skin care. Cleanse the mind, body and skin with our unique range of inner-nurturing and outer-nourishing facial treatments. Relax and recover with our healing massage to mindfully release any negative elements. Enhance natural beauty while increasing well-being through these transformative facials.

Intensively hydrate all skin types. You will noticed the nourishing and beautify of your skin, with a radiant glow.

Buddaful Soul


Enhance your glow and mimimize the appearance of fine lines and flaking skin with this "Smooth Power Peel." Heal and restore vital moisture to the skin that has been over exposed from the sun and other elements. Enjoy a relaxing contouring massage, leaving your skin smooth and radiant.

Mindful Beauty





Mindful Beauty facial leads the way back to nature by capturing the healing powers of plants, herbal and botanicals. All healing ingredients are combined with a comprehensive range of authentic beauty rituals for your skin, and deeply relaxing touch of healing massage from intutive therapists.

All facials are customized for your specfic needs and concern. Depending on the client and time alloted some of the following extra modalities may be apply during your holistic facial treatment. Gua Sha, Facial Cupping, Kansa Wand, Crystal Therapy, Energy Work, Advance massage, Hungarian Fruit Peels, Grounding and Aromatherapy Ceremony. We will continue to add more modalities.

These treatments are perfect for anyone suffering from stress, seeking deep relaxation, people wanting to increase their power of concentration, increase their sense of wellbeing and anyone who want to pause, reset and reconnect. This intuitive and nurturing facial has a profound and direct effect on the nervous system.

Throughout and after your treatment, you can expect an immediate sense of calm and relief from stress, fatigue, and anxiety. This heavenly facial treatment restores natural luminance by increasing blood circulation and stimulating the free-flow of energy to the facial cells.

Graceful Aging


Stimulate your senses and experience the ultimate luxurious foot ritual and tea ceremony. Remind your feet how valuable they are by treating them to this fanasty foot ritual. The bath is filled with fresh flowers and herbs to help you relax and to be in the moment of stillness. Enjoy a tea ceremony to promote warmth, inner peace and releasing tired and tense muscles. Get ready to experience the extreme indulges of your nourishing intuitive facial leaving you in a state of calm, balance and uplifting, and awaken beauty that you are.